Important Facts to Know about LASIK Surgery and Treatment

Nowadays, the laser surgery of human eyes known as LASIK has, become one of the excellent correction process for all individuals struggling with the problem of astigmatism, farsighted and nearsighted vision issues. In this process, doctors use various types of highly advanced and finest possible surgical equipments as well as laser systems to perform the actual process.


Furthermore, qualified and well-experienced surgeons working under the famous Manhattan LASIK Surgery Center always strive to find out new as well as advanced technologies to keep human eyes in absolutely still condition. At the same time, these doctors use proper devices to allow opening of eyelids during the entire laser treatment with proper care to enhance precision and level of accuracy associated with the actual surgical method.


Surgeons and their medical assistants working under the LASIK Centers of United States examine their patients personally on their consultation or counseling day, discuss in detail about their varying expectations concerning to the surgical procedure and most essentially, determination of the ideal candidates for the actual process. Best thing about this NYC-based laser surgery clinic or hospital is that, here professionals perform different processes at the personal level to judge the optical conditions of patients before performing the actual surgery.


Moreover, staffs of the good eye hospital also take suitable steps to make sure about proper pre-op as well as follow-up care activities in the right manner. In fact, dedicated staffs of the LASIK clinic have undergone detailed training programs to give valuable assistance to doctors and surgeons in providing them with the utmost comprehensive levels of human eye evaluation.


Other than this, prior to the actual surgery, doctors, surgeons and other related experts of this area recommend patients to collect information about some important facts before undergoing the LASIK treatment. Here, you will come to know about some necessary points or queries, which doctors highlight to patients before they start with the actual diagnose. These will include:


Vision Improvement after the Surgery


By following the specialized LASIK treatment, human beings can witness improvements in their vision within less possible duration. Majority of patients could also avail drastic improvements even on the next morning after the surgery. For instance, most patients of LASIK surgery in NYC have succeeded to achieve 20/40 or even better level of eyesight over the night. However, patients have to bear tearing problems or minor sensation of eyelashes in their eyes on the following day of the actual procedure.


After getting the laser eye treatment, patients usually have to schedule their appointments on the next day with Dr. Niksarli, where he makes sure that the healing of eyes is progressing in the normal manner. In addition, for safety purposes, Dr. Niksarli and his assistants recommend patients to use eye drops for minimum 6 days to maximum 10 days, along with protective eye-shields for 48 hours.


Pain or Discomfort Involved in the Process


Laser vision correction preferred by Dr. Niksarli and other reputable eye surgeons are usually painless or related to very less discomfort as possible. During the treatment, doctors use anesthetic drops to numb human eyes without the usage of any needle or injection. Thus, unlike any other traditional eye surgical methods, here patients do not feel any type of fear or anxiousness. Instead, LASIK patients only face certain level of irritation for few hours after the actual process. Especially, individuals choosing to undergo laser diagnose and treatment under NYC clinic would not have to worry at all, as Dr. Niksarli and his other junior surgeons, along with medical staffs put every effort to make the entire surgery to be comfortable for the patients.


Role of Eye Tracker Technology


Majority of reputable doctors and eye surgeons are now using ActiveTrack eye trackers at the time of laser treatment. This is a new 3-dimensional eye-tracking technique, where laser beams detects as well as compensates for movements of human eye and allows the beam of laser to remain consistently over the treated area.


Treatment and Recovery Period


If you give your valuable time to interact or look over the feedback and reviews of patients availed laser eye surgery from Manhattan Center in the past, you would likely come to know that series of patients have obtained surgeries of their both eyes on a single day and with all sorts of safety measures. In fact, by being done with the surgical procedure for both eyes, majority of patients have obtained relatively higher effective results that too at one time.


Here, both surgeons and patients prefer for single or same day treatment because of the fact that it gives visual recovery in smaller time span, higher level of convenience and comparatively less time to remain away from the office or the work. However, the entire treatment plan formulated by doctors and surgeons may vary to some extent based on the preferences of varying patients.


Safety Feature in the LASIK Surgery


Since patients avail the laser or LASIK eye treatment under the well-experienced surgeons, like Dr. Niksarli of Manhattan LASIK Center, complications related to human eyesight or vision would be rate and in most of the cases, it would be treatable by the help of various simple steps. Surgeons possessing good training and experience to treat eye cornea or handle LASIK process knows every single fact about ways and steps to deal with delicate, thin and transparent pieces of various corneal tissues or flaps associated with the success of the LASIK surgical process.


Other than performing the surgical process, surgeons and their staffs provide the required pre as well as post optical care to allow detection of almost every type of complicated situations of patients in the timely way as possible. In other words, with the highest possible skills and vast degree of experience in the area, doctors make sure that their patients never face any kind of complication before or after the surgery or treatment. Therefore, when the LASIK or any of its variants is performed by well experienced and a knowledgeable surgeon, along with his qualified assistants, patients will be able to experience a remarkably safe and secured procedure.


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Steps and Variants of LASIK Surgery Provided by Manhattan LASIK Center

With passage of time, many individuals like us face different types of vision problems related to astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness and similar others. However, the positive thing in this case is that, many individuals are now able to overcome their eye problems by following a painless and less complicated procedure named as LASIK surgery.


Overview of the Surgical Procedure


As the name suggests, this is a surgical process, which uses laser device to correct the issue of astigmatism, hypermetropia and myopia being caused to individuals. The entire treatment starts by creating a small or a thin flap inside the cornea, by using suitable Femto second laser device or a microkeratome blade. After this, doctors fold back the created flap and remove few tissues present in the cornea by using Excimer laser system. Once the corneal tissues are removed from the area, surgeon places the flap in its own place.


Preliminary Process to Follow for the Treatment


If you are the one, who is considering for LASIK treatment, you should go for the first step by choosing a good LASIK surgeon and clinic in your area. If you are located in Manhattan City and looking for the laser eye surgery, you should visit the Manhattan Center to undergo the surgical process under good eye surgeons of the clinic.


Once you schedule your appointment with Dr. Niksarli and his assistants, they will examine in detail about your eyes to determine the vision correction you require, condition of your eyes and the level of laser ablation or corneal tissue removal needed. Moreover, before beginning of the process, doctors take relevant information about other health conditions and medical background of patients, which would likely disqualify this type of surgical process.


Steps Involved in the Surgical Procedure


Before the beginning of the surgical process, doctors apply numbing eye drops to the human eye for prevention of any type of discomfort during the actual process. In addition, doctors will give few medication courses to help the patient in getting comfort and relax.

Now, the surgeon starts the surgery by positioning the eye of his or her patient under the laser system, while use other equipment named as lid speculum to keep the eyelids in open condition.


In addition, optical surgeons use ink markers to mark the eye cornea before creating any flap, while apply suction rings at front portion of the eye to prevent any sort of eye movements or loss of contact affecting the quality of flap. Now, in order to achieve specific prescription, doctors adjust the excimer laser post the creation of corneal flaps. Doctors may ask you to look over the targeted light for short duration and meanwhile they will watch your eyes with the help of microscopic devices, as laser sends light pulses in to the eye cornea. Thus, pulses of laser light painlessly remove the corneal tissue and reshape it to resolve your vision problems.


Less Time-Consuming Surgery for Patients


Since, laser eye surgery is a type of outpatient process, so you never required staying at the hospital or eye clinic over the night. Here, the surgeon will use a computer system for proper adjustment of the laser system for your specific prescription. In fact, by simply sending light pulses with the help of laser device, doctors can reshape the cornea to overcome your far-sight and near-sight problems. Thus, in this way, you will be able to recover your vision in less than 10 minutes.


Alternatives/Variants to LASIK Procedure


If you are not the candidate of the LASIK eye surgery, eye specialists and surgeons of the Manhattan Center will recommend their patients to choose for some other alternative surgical methods or variants, which will include the LASEK method, CK or CUSTOM LASIK and INTRA LASIK or no-blade LASIK technique. Each of these aforementioned variants involves slightly different laser surgery process and in turn, gives different benefits, as prescribed here.


LASEK Method to Diagnose Eye Problems


LASEK is one of the variants of LASIK. In this method, doctors separate thinnest possible tissue layer from the corneal surface of human eye, while re-position it by following the reshaping of cornea by the help of laser system. Here, the tissue layer is equal to 50-micron. Optical experts or eye surgeons prefer for the LASEK in cases, where the cornea does not possess adequate thickness to undergo the basic LASIK surgery. However, duration of the recovery may prolong by minimum 3 days to maximum 7 days depending upon the condition of the patient.


Custom LASIK Surgery


Custom LASIK surgery has obtained approval in between eye doctors for the proper treatment of presbyopia or reading glasses with the help of blended vision and mono vision. This surgical method uses radio waves for reshaping of the cornea. Similar to any other forms of laser surgery, this method eliminates cutting process or any type of discomfort during the entire surgery. However, patients may witness some level of irritation for 1 or 2 days. This process is responsible for providing a unique level of correction for every person.


This method uses VISX Wavescan or Star S4 laser and other efficient laser system to capture human eye’s fingerprint, which is of about 25 times highly precise as compared to various other types of measurements done by following traditional methods. Here, the Wavefront technique evaluates much more than the problems of astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. In other words, CK method can capture several forms of specific imperfections caused in vision of various people.




INTRALASIK or no-blade surgical process refers to the fully computerized as well as all-laser technique with advanced INTRALASIK software. This complete system helps the doctor or surgeon to create perfect corneal flap without applying any surgical blade. Interesting thing about this method is that the computer system aligns the pulses of laser inside the plane, where the LASIK flap consists of comfort and utmost precision. Thus, patient’s anxiety towards the surgery will reduce, as it eliminates all sorts of possibilities related to surgery blades. Thus, INTRALASIK method provided an unparalleled level of accuracy and safety during the whole LASIK surgery or treatment.




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Center of Excellence-Manhattan LASIK Center

Manhattan LASIK center has emerged as the most preferred stop for LASIK eye surgery. It’s amazing infrastructure and updated technology makes it standout among the various available options. Manhattan center was initially located at 110 East 55th Street, situated at center of Midtown. It was established around 15 years back and is headquarter. Presently there are six Manhattan Center located in NY.

Manhattan LASIK center is being headed and leaded by Dr Kevin Niksarli, a LASIK expert. He is founder of this prestigious center. Every treatment and case is undertaken under his supervision which itself is a big relief for eye patients. Being well versed in LASIK , LASEK and the most up-to-date technologies he is undoubtedly one of the factors for success of Manhattan Lasik center. Dr Niksarli is highly skilled in medicine, engineering and computer science. The Center is well-equipped with latest technologies and surgical equipments Laser beams are used for visualization rectification.

LASIK – At Manhattan Center

LASIK surgery is most popular eye correction technique that is being widely used. In this process cool laser beams are used to reform the cornea which ultimately helps in removing the vision defect.

LASIK, at Manhattan Center, is not just any other eye treatment. Center has an ideology to serve its patients in every possible way.  Patients, who walk in here are first diagnosed determine the extent and type of Vision problem. Thus, Dr Niksarli and his teammates assure customized treatment for all. Lasik Vision Correction, LASIK, Custom are undertaken at Manhattan Lasik Center. Conducting any surgery, patients are taken into confidence and psychological barrier is removed. Manhattan LASIK center believes in developing a strong bond between patient and doctor to eliminate fear from the mind of a patient so that LASIK is carried out smoothly. Most of the Usually, LASIK surgery just takes a day’s time after which one can carry on with their routine. Thus Within a week of LASIK there may be chances of slight changes in sight. At times, patients can experience roughness of the eyes and area around it. But this treatment is assured and guarantees all round solution so you just need not to worry about these small issues. After conducting this surgery, patients are advised personally with reference to what should and shouldn’t be done, the various cautions.

Manhattan Center

Manhattan Lasik center has established itself as known name in medical field. Its fame is no more limited to New York. Patients across the globe are paying visit here because of its creditable patient care. Located at Flushing, Brooklyn, Garden City, Paramus, Edison, in New York and New Jersey currently there are six Manhattan Lasik Center to aid you develop better vision. All you need to do is just fix an appointment online or through phone. Come and get yourself treated with the best in business.

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Dr Kevin Niksarli- An incredible ophthalmologist

Eyes are the most precious and delicate organ of our body, this makes most of us careful while selecting the right Medical aid. Among the available methods LASIK is considered to be the safest and most trusted one. This process can help you correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It’s popular as usually it’s painless and takes few minutes and helps one get rid of the glasses or contact lenses. Selecting the right medical practitioner can help you achieve the expected results whereas as any negligence can go trash. Needless to say for LASIK treatment you would require a specialist with trusthworthy abilities. In the matter of the veterans of LASIK, Dr. Niksarli is a broadly trusted name that is recommended by most of the eye-patients. Dr Niksarli, founder of Manhattan is the restorative dignitary of the Manhattan LASIK Center which he established around 15 years back. His foundation is amongst the leading optical resolution point far and wide Dr Kevin Niksarli is well versed in LASIK, LASEK and all types of innovative eye correction medications.

Dr. Niksarli took his his undergraduate studies from recognised Columbian University while and afterward he took his restorative degree from Cornell University Medical School. When he completed his internship in ophthalmology he was welcomed to the eye surgery residency battle at Lenox Hill Hospital where he got selected as Chief occupant as a result of his outstanding  abilities

Dr. Niksarli has been one of the prestigious names in the innovative LASEK and LASIK vision rectification. His tremendous experience is a consequence of consistent research which he has done since most recent 15 years. He has a remedial, building and software engineering learned foundation. This has made him a veteran in the field of eye treatment procedures and surgeries including LASER.

He accepts that learning is all around and it is dependent upon us that the amount we can explore it. He has a knowledge of more than 70,000 LASIK eye treatment. H uses process & techniques which makes him the most gifted proficient as well as a presumed name amongst the top American Ophthalmologists. He is additionally the grand champ of uncommon VISX Star which is a significant privilege in itself. This separates him from all among the league. Dr Kevin Niksarli is amazingly dedicated for patient’s concern which makes him widely acclaimed specialist. His unmatched records, mastery over LASIK along with his positive feedback makes him best among the lot. Thus, Dr Kevin Niksarli is unanimously suggested for any LASIK surgery. Just relay on his expertise for an assured clear vision.

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Dr. Kevin Niksarli – An Exceptional Legend of LASIK Surgery

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a standout professional amongst the most accomplished and much respected Lasik Surgeons United States. His methodologies are extremely reliable and trustworthy. Lasik Surgery process is gaining importance because of its inalienable returns as contrasted with traditional methods of eye surgeries.

Dr Kevin Niksarli is one of those surgeons who not only have an extremely impressive academic and professional background but an equally outstanding success rate which makes him unique. Dr Niksarali graduated with position in toppers List. He soon climbed rapidly and soon ended up holding the rank of the Chief Resident in Ophthalmology. He further sharpened his ophthalmology abilities at the Harvard University. Afterwards, he took his education from Cornell University .Dr Niksarli has many feathers to his cap. Dr Niksarali has been feted upon by the most believed medicinal affiliations and associations around the world. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has been recorded as one of the America’s best eye specialists of all times. He is additionally the beneficiary of the prestigious VISX Star Award, an honor which is given to short of what 5 percent of ophthalmologists across the nation.


Dr Kevin Niksarli has gained mastery in Corneal and refractive Surgery and has founded Manhattan Lasik Center. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has behind him more than 70,000 fruitful eye surgeries which he has fulfilled at a ultra present day Manhattan Lasik Center which he has deliberately supported and is presently viewed as one of the finest eye doctor’s facilities in present times.


Dr. Kevin Niksarli is frequently asked to edify the medicinal group about the intricacies of LASIK surgery. His unmatched mastery is regularly utilized while directing exploration and clinical trials for refined surgical gears. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is one of the premier masters in surgical administration and the exceedingly effective vision adjustment methods in the most troublesome Lasik cases. He keeps on nurturing the organization he had so affectionately made and it is picking up quality to quality with each one passing year What has helped Dr Kevin Niksarli beat his countrymen is his sharp learning of Engineering and Computers and this has empowered him to better comprehend the most recent laser advances. Today Dr. Kevin Niksarli has cut a different corner for himself as one of the pioneers of LASIK methodology.


Dr Kevin Niksarli is no more just a name but has emerged as a premium brand name for Eye care .His outstanding reputation is a result of his hard-work and innovation and his hunger to serve his patients effectively with the most updated technology. What are you waiting for? Just schedule your appointment and experience flawless vision.

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What Are the Risks of Lasik procedure?

Lasik surgery is gaining popularity and many notable personalities have resorted to the Lasik procedure to get rid of their eye glasses or contact lenses. Lasik surgery is a convenient and quick process to correct visual anomalies. In comparison to traditional instruments like scalpel or blade which are used in conventional eye surgeries, Lasik treatment is bladeless and uses a Laser for the ablation of the retinal tissues to correct the visual anomaly. This makes it much safer than conventional surgical techniques. However Lasik is a surgical procedure and there are some inherent risks which any good Lasik Service provider must make the patients aware of regardless of the fact  best Lasik doctor.

There have been a lot of developments in the field of laser eye corrections, it is imperative to be aware of the risks and the complications which can occur and the risk versus benefit must be carefully evaluated. It is a fact that any Lasik expert will not rush an unwilling or a patient who is likely to accrue less benefits from the procedure. The following issues are possible or have been reported after any corrective Lasik surgery.

Vision Correction Issues

On one hand Lasik eye surgery in new jersey can be an effective method to correct any visual anomaly, it is extremely difficult to predict how effective the treatment would be until the eye heals completely. Though very rare, some patients have complained that their eye sight has become worse or they have not been completely satisfied with the results post Lasik process. A miniscule percentage of patients still need to wear corrective lenses. This could be a result of corneal haze or uneven removal of tissues. This condition can be corrected by a second surgical procedure.

Corneal Haze

It is sometimes seen after a PRK or LASIK procedure. The condition is seen through an eye examination and generally subsides and leaves no impact on the final level of sight. However a second surgical procedure could be recommended if the condition persists but such instances are very rare and far apart.


Lasik process is a surgical procedure and therefore there is always a risk of infections which can occur. In the unlikely event of an infection happening, the surgeon must be immediately informed and he will give the best treatment for the condition. However it needs to be added that the percentage of persons undergoing Lasik surgery is trivial and almost nonexistent.

 Halo Effect

Halo effect is also commonly seen in persons who have undergone Lasik or PRK surgery. Halo condition can be described as disturbed vision under conditions of low light or dark conditions. This state is more evident when the person who has undergone Lasik process drives in the night. It is caused by the enlarging of the pupil resulting in the protrusion of tissues around the cornea leading to production of phantom or eddy images.  It is a temporary effect which disappears with the healing of the ablated tissues.

 Flap Complications

It is another rare complication which can happen in patients who have undergone Lasik laser surgery. Flap complication could be either a partial damage to the flap or a complete loss of the flap. Prompt attention is required after flap detachment

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Lasik Surgeon – Dr. Kevin Niksarli

Dr. Kevin is hugely recognized as one of the most skilled authorities on LASIK, with more than 70,000 successful Lasik vision correction procedure experience. He is the M.D. (medical director) of Manhattan Lasik center, an innovative eye care talent was initiated by him over 15 years ago, entirely devoted to LASIK and all sought of laser vision correction. Over the time of his productive career, Dr. Kevin has continued to be on the front position of the latest progressions in the correction of laser vision. He keenly contributes in research, as well as training and lecturing of other Lasik surgeons. His wide spread background in the field of computer science, engineering and medical science has facilitated him in becoming highly proficient in surgical laser treatments and vision correction technologies. Dr. Kevin’s surgical management and expert opinions of difficult cases are often preferred through his colleagues.

Dr. Kevin has been listed as one of the “Top Ophthalmologists of USA”, in acknowledgement of his extra ordinary surgical skills, inspiring qualifications and tremendous patient care. He has also been awarded the prominent VISX star award that is granted to less than 5 percent of Lasik providers in the United States.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli attained his inspiring training at numerous world famous academic organizations. He has done his under graduate studies at the prestigious University of Columbia and his medical degree at Cornel University Medical School. Dr. Kevin was offered to join the Lenox Hill Hospital for the eye surgery residency, after serving his medical internship, where he excelled in his field and was appointed the Chief Resident. Then he went on to receive the advanced course in Ophthalmology at Harvard University. At Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital and New York hospital medical center/ Cornel University, he continued subsequently with his fellowship training jointly.

Dr. Kevin presently serves as Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at numerous New York City medical institutions, which include New York University medical center, Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital. He is a nationally recognized authority on Lasik vision correction surgery. He is hugely considered for his success as the founder and Manhattan Lasik Center’s director, a leading edge vision rectification practice that has been offering outstanding patient care for about 15 years.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is licensed by the ophthalmology’s American academy. He is a representative of both the National Board of Medical Examiners and the National Board of Ophthalmology. He is a part of several prestigious professional organizations, including International Society of Refractive Surgery, American Academy of Ophthalmology, New York State ophthalmological Society and American Society of Cataract and Refractive surgery

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Dr. Kevin Niksarli – A Well Known Name in the Field of Lasik Surgery

Dr. Kevin is a well known name in the field of Lasik surgery. He has an experience of about 70,000 successful Lasik vision adjustment surgeries. Dr. Kevin is the medical director of Manhattan Lasik center, an innovative eye care talent was commenced by him over 15 years ago. He is wholly devoted to Lasik and all sought of laser vision correction. He is the top most in the list of laser vision correction.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli at present serves as Associate lecturer of Ophthalmology at several New York City medical foundations, which include Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital and New York University medical center. He is a nationally recognized authority on Lasik vision correction surgery. He is immensely considered for his success as the Manhattan Lasik Center’s director and founder, a leading edge vision rectification practice that has been offering outstanding patient care for about 15 years.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli’s huge experience and extensive knowledge all along with his dedication to popularize Lasik eye surgery has made him an authority in the field of Lasik eye treatment. With the passing time, confidence in the Lasik eye treatment has been increasing and Dr. Kevin has fixed a different position for him self at the state of the art Manhattan Lasik center. Remembering the technology itself does not bring the results. It is the surgeon’s hands which make all the differentiation and Dr. Kevin has completed his thousands of Lasik procedures. He has also been awarded the outstanding VISX star award that is granted to less than 5 percent of Lasik providers in the United States.

Dr. is on the top in the list of “Top ophthalmology of USA”, in acknowledgement of his amazing surgical proficiency, tremendous care for patients, and inspiring qualification. He has done his under graduate studies at the prestigious University of Columbia and his medical degree at Cornel University Medical School. He was offered to join the Lenox Hill Hospital for the eye surgery citizenship, after serving his medical internship, where he outstood in his field and was chosen the Chief Resident. Dr. Kevin Niksarli attained his inspiring training at numerous world famous academic organizations. Then he went on to obtain the higher course in Ophthalmology at Harvard University. At Manhattan Throat, Ear, and Eye Hospital and Cornel University hospital New York/ medical center, he continued consequently with his companionship training mutually.

He is also a part of a numerous esteemed professional institutions, which include American Academy of Ophthalmology, International Society of Refractive Surgery, American Society of Cataract and Refractive surgery and New York State ophthalmological Society.

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Lasik Eye Surgery Can Give You Better Than 20/20 Vision

When initially used in the mid-90s the idea of Laser Eye Surgery was to help restore what is considered normal 20/20 vision to people with sight problems, people who could not see without their glasses or contact lenses.

In the late 90’s when Lasik surgery was in its infancy, it was used to restore 20/20 vision to persons who were having any form of sight anomalies. It was a big boon for people who were forced to wear eye glasses or contact lens with its problems galore. However today at high tech Lasik centers like Manhattan Lasik Center uses the latest technology and new generation diagnostic equipments makes it possible to give better than 20/20 vision.

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we customize every patient and treat them as an entity. This is important since every person has a Cornea with a unique structure. The latest diagnostic techniques make it possible to calibrate accurately the amount of ablation required for correcting the visual anomaly. Modern advances in Lasik Surgery has made it possible to consider the distinctive curvature and biomechanics of the eye, maintaining the quality of vision and making amendments for  the spherical distortions than can induce glare and night vision reduction. The advances made in the field of Lasik surgery has made it possible to provide a smooth corneal surface literally sculpting the cornea to give perfect vision.  We employ the latest excimer lasers which incorporates the latest advances in technology.

With passing time, confidence in Lasik surgery has been increasing and Dr. Kevin Niksarli has carved a distinct niche for himself at the state of the art Manhattan Lasik Center.

It must be remembered that technology by itself does not bring results. It is the hands of the surgeon which makes all the difference and Dr Kevin Niksarli has successfully completed thousands of Lasik Procedures.

We are committed to maintain the highest standards with the aid of the latest technology. Our dedicated and highly competent staff looks into the minutest details associated with the Lasik process which includes calibration and maintenance of the equipments.  Dr Kevin Niksarli’s extensive knowledge and vast experience along with his commitment to popularize Lasik Eye Surgery has made him an authority in the field of Lasik Surgery.

Of late a number of sportspersons are also going for Lasik surgery to correct their visual anomalies and also to get rid of their cumbersome eye glasses or contact lenses. We have the distinguished opportunity of treating a number of athletes for their visual anomalies with the Lasik process. However we cannot disclose these names for privacy reasons.

Don’t you think that it is time to take the first steps towards unhindered and natural vision?

To seek an appointment or to just talk to one of our dedicated Patient Education Counselors’ Contact Us. Find out if you are appropriate for Laser Eye Surgery at the Manhattan Lasik Center today and if you too can enjoy better than 20/20 vision?

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A renowned ophthalmologist – Dr. Kevin Niksarli

LASIK surgery is considered to be a major breakthrough in the field of ophthalmology. This procedure is performed using a laser to reshape the eye’s cornea in order to correct the vision. LASIK being a recent introduction to the field of vision correction procedures, it needs to be performed by adept and sophisticated ophthalmologists.

Dr.Kevin Niksarli is the most trusted name in the field of vision correction. Having performing more than 70,000 LASIK surgeries successfully, he stands out to be most revered LASIK expert in USA. He is considered to be one of the earliest to carryon a LASIK surgery successfully. Dr.Niksarli’s research in breakthrough of FDA clinical trail has led to approval of LASIK surgery in the country.

Manhattan LASIK center was founded 15 years by Dr. Niksarli, which has grown over time to be one of the most prestigious institutes providing vision correction services .Dr. Niksarli currently serving as the institute’s director .He has nurtured the institute to remain the best in class by proving it with the latest equipment, skill and knowledge, for giving people a crystal clear vision.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli remains to be one of the most looked up on person among the aspiring ophthalmologist. He imparts his knowledge to his handpicked team members to provide the best care to each and every patient. He takes sometime to share his skill and knowledge by working as Associate professor of Ophthalmology at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital and New York University Medical Center.

Dr. Niksarli has received training from most illustrious institutes. He has done his under graduation from Columbia University and holds a medical degree from Cornell University. Later he joined Lenox Hill Hospital for medical internship where he was promoted to Chief Resident. He went to Harvard University to receive a course on ophthalmology.

Ophthalmologists all over the world recognize his contribution to the field of Vision correction procedures. He is certified by American Academy of Ophthalmology. He has been a part of most prestigious organizations like American Academy of Ophthalmology, International Society of Refractive Surgery and Refractive Surgery and New York State Ophthalmological Society.

Eyes being the most fragile and important organs of the body, they need to be in hands of an expert. Dr. Niksarli is among the most reliable LASIK surgery experts for past 15 years. His reputation among his patients defines the amount of personal attention he pays at every step of the treatment.

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