Are You a Good Candidate?

LASIK is recently accepted as the most relevant method to improve one’s vision. You can find several of reasons how LASIK could privilege one’s quality of lifestyle such as better performance in day to day life and developing sports acts. Your standard of living or lifestyle and requirements will determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery or not, because everyone is not a good candidate, says Dr. Niksarli.

Realistic Prospects

LASIK procedure is very delicate treatment and it’s not indispensable that everyone can undergo it. Several LASIK providers may consciously suggest you the procedure even though it is not the correct choice for your long-term vision requirements. In order to make sure that you meet the precise criteria for LASIK you need to discus your eye health problems, general eyes issues and lifestyle related vision requirements with your eye doctor. After the discussion you can pursue a follow up with advanced diagnostic testing to make certain that your eyes are suitable for a LASIK procedure.

There are certain criteria on the basis of which good candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery is identified.

As per the US Food & Drug Administration, you may undergo LASIK Eye Surgery successfully if you possess the following criteria:

  • Since, the vision of people who are younger than 18 often persistently to change, so the age of the patient should above 18 years.
  • It is obligatory that patient should not be pregnant or undergoing any treatment, as in these situations the measured refraction of eye may change.
  • You should not be consuming certain prescribed medicines like oral Prednisone or Accutane.
  • You need to be in healthy and fit condition. LASIK might not be suggested for patients with certain health problems like rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts or, herpes infections of the eye.
  • Your eyes and vision need to be healthy. If you are shortsighted, you should delay LASIK until your refraction alleviates, as shortsightedness may still enlarge in few patients until their mid or up to late-20s.
  • Recognize your expectations are for the practice. Do they really work?

The general acceptation about why 30% of people can not undergo LASIK is:

  • Issues of eye heath
  • Too large Pupils
  • General health condition
  • Slender corneas
  • Pre-cataract
  • Unbalanced prescription
  • Medicine consumption too high or too low
  • unworkable expectations

With the improvement in LASIK technology many people have possibly reduced the use of glasses and lenses and in some cases it is completely overwhelmed. Getting more knowledge about LASIK will provide you realistic prospects for the treatment, and is a better move towards your long term vision requirements.

Unfortunately, everyone is not capable for undergoing laser eye surgery. Discussing your options of eye treatment with the eye care specialist is the best method to determine if you are good candidate for LASIK or not. To learn more about LASIK surgery and see if your a candidate visit Dr. Kevin Niksarli at his Manhattan office.

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