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What Are the Risks of Lasik procedure?

Lasik surgery is gaining popularity and many notable personalities have resorted to the Lasik procedure to get rid of their eye glasses or contact lenses. Lasik surgery is a convenient and quick process to correct visual anomalies. In comparison to … Continue reading

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Dr. Kevin Niksarli, MD – Can I Afford LASIK Surgery?

The cost of  LASIK is differs depending on certain factors such as location, surgeon experience, etc. says Dr. Kevin Niksarli. If you require getting it done on your both eyes then the cost will be twice. This is the standard … Continue reading

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Dr. Kevin Niksarli – The unassuming pioneer of LASIK Surgery

One of the most experienced and highly regarded Lasik Surgeons in the US is Dr. Kevin Niksarli who is synonymous with the Lasik Surgery techniques which are being widely used today due to its inherent advantages as compared to conventional … Continue reading

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