Dr. Kevin Niksarli – the LASIK expert in Manhattan

Looking for an advanced LASIK surgeon in Manhattan? You are not very far off from the popular and the widely recommended Dr. Niksarli, the LASIK expert. Just give thought to your mind that all your eye problems are over and relax. Dr. Niksarli, the LASIK expert from NY has all solutions for any eye problem. So you don’t need to commute all over for vision correction, just contact his Manhattan eye care center and get LASIK done with comfort.

He also provides services in Long Island, Paramus and Edison. If you don’t want to get operated in Manhattan you can visit these centers too. Here, also the LASIK surgeries are taken only under his guidance. The staff members here discuss the entire case with him first and then only initiate the surgery. Quality, dependability, the end results and patient satisfaction are just few reasons to choose him for the LASIK surgery.

The compassion and dedication with which he treats his patients is unparalleled. Not only this, there is something more which has become an X-factor for him as a surgeon. We can say his qualification is unique. Along with his medical degree, he also has a computer science engineering degree. This makes him think in dual course, means he can think biologically as well technically about the outcome of the surgery.

He takes each surgery as a challenge and keeps up his spirit and the spirit of colleagues up from the beginning till the end of the surgery. He treats his patients with such care and attention that he would want for his own family and friends.
He has been practicing since last 16 years and has performed more than 70,000 LASIK operations in his Manhattan LASIK center and other clinics in the tri-states. People from all over the country come to him for their vision correction through LASIK and LASEK. He has gained a lot of word to mouth publicity. People who have taken his services are highly satisfied and they recommended him to others too. Now he has become world famous and patients from all over the world are now coming to him for treatment.

Whether it’s minor eye problem or a major eye surgery we have to be very cautious with our vision. This is the reason we need to consult an expert for vision correction. Nobody can prove to be better in this field than Dr. Niksarli. Try his hands once and feel the difference in your vision.

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