Dr. Kevin Niksarli- The man who popularized LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery is a comparatively new procedure and still requires an expert hand to be successfully completed. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a well-known name in LASIK Surgery and has perfected the process with diligence, which is unheard of in modern times.

As already mentioned, LASIK Surgery is a relatively new procedure which employs a LASER to correct eye anomalies. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has been one of the pioneers of LASIK surgery and has done thousands of operations at his Manhattan Lasik Centre.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is the Director at Manhattan Lasik Centre and is a world-renowned expert in laser and surgical techniques for vision correction. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has personally performed over 40,000 laser vision correction procedures. He is acknowledged as one of the top practicing laser vision correction surgeons in the United States. He has to his name a number of awards and citations from across the globe.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli and his associate team of surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Centre are one of the most experienced and well-trained Lasik Surgery teams in the entire country. They have successfully completed thousands of surgical and laser vision correction procedures.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli and his team of surgeons are not only certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology but are also sought to teach upcoming Eye Surgeons the intricacies of the LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has conducted lectures for other doctors at major national and international meetings of ophthalmologists.

Manhattan Lasik Centre is acknowledged as a center of excellence by foremost pharmaceutical and medical device makers. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is regularly sought out by manufacturers to conduct clinical trials on new medications and technologies and his opinion as well as suggestions are dutifully implemented.

Manhattan Lasik Centre regularly invests in the very latest laser, surgical and pre-op testing equipment available on the market. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has been the first to introduce a number of procedures and has conducted a wide range of surgical procedures to correct eye anomalies.

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Manhattan Lasik Centre has met nationally recognized benchmarks for quality care. We regularly conduct extensive on-site survey of its facilities and services teams of physicians, nurses and administrators to evaluate all aspects of patient care. You can read more about Manhattan Lasik Centre at http://www.manhattanlasikcenter.com/Manhattan%20Lasik%20Center%20-%20AboutOurDoctors.htm

Manhattan Lasik Centre specially focuses on vision correction. The laser center is continuously monitored to sustain strict humidity and temperature levels, which are essential for the equipment to work properly.

Manhattan Lasik Centre is committed to provide excellent patient care.

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