Dr. Kevin Niksarli – An Exceptional Legend of LASIK Surgery

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a standout professional amongst the most accomplished and much respected Lasik Surgeons United States. His methodologies are extremely reliable and trustworthy. Lasik Surgery process is gaining importance because of its inalienable returns as contrasted with traditional methods of eye surgeries.

Dr Kevin Niksarli is one of those surgeons who not only have an extremely impressive academic and professional background but an equally outstanding success rate which makes him unique. Dr Niksarali graduated with position in toppers List. He soon climbed rapidly and soon ended up holding the rank of the Chief Resident in Ophthalmology. He further sharpened his ophthalmology abilities at the Harvard University. Afterwards, he took his education from Cornell University .Dr Niksarli has many feathers to his cap. Dr Niksarali has been feted upon by the most believed medicinal affiliations and associations around the world. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has been recorded as one of the America’s best eye specialists of all times. He is additionally the beneficiary of the prestigious VISX Star Award, an honor which is given to short of what 5 percent of ophthalmologists across the nation.


Dr Kevin Niksarli has gained mastery in Corneal and refractive Surgery and has founded Manhattan Lasik Center. Dr. Kevin Niksarli has behind him more than 70,000 fruitful eye surgeries which he has fulfilled at a ultra present day Manhattan Lasik Center which he has deliberately supported and is presently viewed as one of the finest eye doctor’s facilities in present times.


Dr. Kevin Niksarli is frequently asked to edify the medicinal group about the intricacies of LASIK surgery. His unmatched mastery is regularly utilized while directing exploration and clinical trials for refined surgical gears. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is one of the premier masters in surgical administration and the exceedingly effective vision adjustment methods in the most troublesome Lasik cases. He keeps on nurturing the organization he had so affectionately made and it is picking up quality to quality with each one passing year What has helped Dr Kevin Niksarli beat his countrymen is his sharp learning of Engineering and Computers and this has empowered him to better comprehend the most recent laser advances. Today Dr. Kevin Niksarli has cut a different corner for himself as one of the pioneers of LASIK methodology.


Dr Kevin Niksarli is no more just a name but has emerged as a premium brand name for Eye care .His outstanding reputation is a result of his hard-work and innovation and his hunger to serve his patients effectively with the most updated technology. What are you waiting for? Just schedule your appointment and experience flawless vision.

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