Finding the best Lasik Eye Surgeon – Dr Kevin Niksarli

We at Manhattan Lasik Center believe in helping each and every patient with visual anomalies and also to make the right decision, this is the feeling which each and every patient who enters the Manhattan Lasik Center feels. We do everything possible to make our patient comfortable. We are made aware of every aspect of Lasik surgery, how it is done, what are its advantages and yes also the risks. Learn more about Lasik surgery and what set Manhattan Lasik Center apart before you make your decision about Laser Eye Surgery.

We are not in a hurry to operate on the eyes of our patient. Before carrying out the Lasik process every patient goes through a rigorous screening process were every aspect of his eyes and general health is minutely studied. We carry out an exhaustive list of stringent tests to ascertain if the patient is fit to undergo the Lasik procedure and how much benefit he can accrue from the process.

Though the prescriptions and the drugs given before the process is the same for everyone, the similarity ends there. Every person has eyes with unique corneal structure. Therefore it is imperative to treat each eyes and its cornea as a unique entity to get the best results. The incorporation of the wave front principles into each Lasik Process and adjusting the treatment to the patient’s unique shape of the eye helps to give beyond 20/20 vision to our patients.

When any new patient steps into Manhattan Lasik Center, he goes through a set of tests and consultations which takes about 2 hours. The patient is under no obligation to have the Lasik surgery. Our friendly Patient Councilor will gather the necessary information.

This process is followed by the measurement of the patient’s eyes by a competent and qualified Optometrist. The patients are encouraged to ask questions and clear their doubts if any. The series of tests which includes measuring, examination and assessment will help the surgeon to calculate the amount of ablation required to correct the visual anomaly. The precise Vision Correction procedure is chalked out on the basis of given the unique condition and state of health of the patient. The patient is made aware of the outcome of the test and the type of correction procedure to be carried out to correct his or her visual anomalies.

The retina is scanned with some of the latest Computer aided scanners and the precise mapping of the surface of each eye is affected. Drops will be administered to dilate the pupils so that the back of the eyes are assessed. Finally the eye care professional will explain to the patient the results of an exhaustive range of tests. The patient is also made aware of the realistic expectation of achieving a 20/20 or still better vision after the Lasik process.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is by himself an authority in Lasik surgery and his extensive knowledge, vast experience and his specialization in Lasik Surgery helps to achieve the best results at Manhattan Lasik Center centre.

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