Important Facts to Know about LASIK Surgery and Treatment

Nowadays, the laser surgery of human eyes known as LASIK has, become one of the excellent correction process for all individuals struggling with the problem of astigmatism, farsighted and nearsighted vision issues. In this process, doctors use various types of highly advanced and finest possible surgical equipments as well as laser systems to perform the actual process.


Furthermore, qualified and well-experienced surgeons working under the famous Manhattan LASIK Surgery Center always strive to find out new as well as advanced technologies to keep human eyes in absolutely still condition. At the same time, these doctors use proper devices to allow opening of eyelids during the entire laser treatment with proper care to enhance precision and level of accuracy associated with the actual surgical method.


Surgeons and their medical assistants working under the LASIK Centers of United States examine their patients personally on their consultation or counseling day, discuss in detail about their varying expectations concerning to the surgical procedure and most essentially, determination of the ideal candidates for the actual process. Best thing about this NYC-based laser surgery clinic or hospital is that, here professionals perform different processes at the personal level to judge the optical conditions of patients before performing the actual surgery.


Moreover, staffs of the good eye hospital also take suitable steps to make sure about proper pre-op as well as follow-up care activities in the right manner. In fact, dedicated staffs of the LASIK clinic have undergone detailed training programs to give valuable assistance to doctors and surgeons in providing them with the utmost comprehensive levels of human eye evaluation.


Other than this, prior to the actual surgery, doctors, surgeons and other related experts of this area recommend patients to collect information about some important facts before undergoing the LASIK treatment. Here, you will come to know about some necessary points or queries, which doctors highlight to patients before they start with the actual diagnose. These will include:


Vision Improvement after the Surgery


By following the specialized LASIK treatment, human beings can witness improvements in their vision within less possible duration. Majority of patients could also avail drastic improvements even on the next morning after the surgery. For instance, most patients of LASIK surgery in NYC have succeeded to achieve 20/40 or even better level of eyesight over the night. However, patients have to bear tearing problems or minor sensation of eyelashes in their eyes on the following day of the actual procedure.


After getting the laser eye treatment, patients usually have to schedule their appointments on the next day with Dr. Niksarli, where he makes sure that the healing of eyes is progressing in the normal manner. In addition, for safety purposes, Dr. Niksarli and his assistants recommend patients to use eye drops for minimum 6 days to maximum 10 days, along with protective eye-shields for 48 hours.


Pain or Discomfort Involved in the Process


Laser vision correction preferred by Dr. Niksarli and other reputable eye surgeons are usually painless or related to very less discomfort as possible. During the treatment, doctors use anesthetic drops to numb human eyes without the usage of any needle or injection. Thus, unlike any other traditional eye surgical methods, here patients do not feel any type of fear or anxiousness. Instead, LASIK patients only face certain level of irritation for few hours after the actual process. Especially, individuals choosing to undergo laser diagnose and treatment under NYC clinic would not have to worry at all, as Dr. Niksarli and his other junior surgeons, along with medical staffs put every effort to make the entire surgery to be comfortable for the patients.


Role of Eye Tracker Technology


Majority of reputable doctors and eye surgeons are now using ActiveTrack eye trackers at the time of laser treatment. This is a new 3-dimensional eye-tracking technique, where laser beams detects as well as compensates for movements of human eye and allows the beam of laser to remain consistently over the treated area.


Treatment and Recovery Period


If you give your valuable time to interact or look over the feedback and reviews of patients availed laser eye surgery from Manhattan Center in the past, you would likely come to know that series of patients have obtained surgeries of their both eyes on a single day and with all sorts of safety measures. In fact, by being done with the surgical procedure for both eyes, majority of patients have obtained relatively higher effective results that too at one time.


Here, both surgeons and patients prefer for single or same day treatment because of the fact that it gives visual recovery in smaller time span, higher level of convenience and comparatively less time to remain away from the office or the work. However, the entire treatment plan formulated by doctors and surgeons may vary to some extent based on the preferences of varying patients.


Safety Feature in the LASIK Surgery


Since patients avail the laser or LASIK eye treatment under the well-experienced surgeons, like Dr. Niksarli of Manhattan LASIK Center, complications related to human eyesight or vision would be rate and in most of the cases, it would be treatable by the help of various simple steps. Surgeons possessing good training and experience to treat eye cornea or handle LASIK process knows every single fact about ways and steps to deal with delicate, thin and transparent pieces of various corneal tissues or flaps associated with the success of the LASIK surgical process.


Other than performing the surgical process, surgeons and their staffs provide the required pre as well as post optical care to allow detection of almost every type of complicated situations of patients in the timely way as possible. In other words, with the highest possible skills and vast degree of experience in the area, doctors make sure that their patients never face any kind of complication before or after the surgery or treatment. Therefore, when the LASIK or any of its variants is performed by well experienced and a knowledgeable surgeon, along with his qualified assistants, patients will be able to experience a remarkably safe and secured procedure.


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