Lasik Eye Surgery Can Give You Better Than 20/20 Vision

When initially used in the mid-90s the idea of Laser Eye Surgery was to help restore what is considered normal 20/20 vision to people with sight problems, people who could not see without their glasses or contact lenses.

In the late 90’s when Lasik surgery was in its infancy, it was used to restore 20/20 vision to persons who were having any form of sight anomalies. It was a big boon for people who were forced to wear eye glasses or contact lens with its problems galore. However today at high tech Lasik centers like Manhattan Lasik Center uses the latest technology and new generation diagnostic equipments makes it possible to give better than 20/20 vision.

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we customize every patient and treat them as an entity. This is important since every person has a Cornea with a unique structure. The latest diagnostic techniques make it possible to calibrate accurately the amount of ablation required for correcting the visual anomaly. Modern advances in Lasik Surgery has made it possible to consider the distinctive curvature and biomechanics of the eye, maintaining the quality of vision and making amendments for  the spherical distortions than can induce glare and night vision reduction. The advances made in the field of Lasik surgery has made it possible to provide a smooth corneal surface literally sculpting the cornea to give perfect vision.  We employ the latest excimer lasers which incorporates the latest advances in technology.

With passing time, confidence in Lasik surgery has been increasing and Dr. Kevin Niksarli has carved a distinct niche for himself at the state of the art Manhattan Lasik Center.

It must be remembered that technology by itself does not bring results. It is the hands of the surgeon which makes all the difference and Dr Kevin Niksarli has successfully completed thousands of Lasik Procedures.

We are committed to maintain the highest standards with the aid of the latest technology. Our dedicated and highly competent staff looks into the minutest details associated with the Lasik process which includes calibration and maintenance of the equipments.  Dr Kevin Niksarli’s extensive knowledge and vast experience along with his commitment to popularize Lasik Eye Surgery has made him an authority in the field of Lasik Surgery.

Of late a number of sportspersons are also going for Lasik surgery to correct their visual anomalies and also to get rid of their cumbersome eye glasses or contact lenses. We have the distinguished opportunity of treating a number of athletes for their visual anomalies with the Lasik process. However we cannot disclose these names for privacy reasons.

Don’t you think that it is time to take the first steps towards unhindered and natural vision?

To seek an appointment or to just talk to one of our dedicated Patient Education Counselors’ Contact Us. Find out if you are appropriate for Laser Eye Surgery at the Manhattan Lasik Center today and if you too can enjoy better than 20/20 vision?

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