Steps and Variants of LASIK Surgery Provided by Manhattan LASIK Center

With passage of time, many individuals like us face different types of vision problems related to astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness and similar others. However, the positive thing in this case is that, many individuals are now able to overcome their eye problems by following a painless and less complicated procedure named as LASIK surgery.


Overview of the Surgical Procedure


As the name suggests, this is a surgical process, which uses laser device to correct the issue of astigmatism, hypermetropia and myopia being caused to individuals. The entire treatment starts by creating a small or a thin flap inside the cornea, by using suitable Femto second laser device or a microkeratome blade. After this, doctors fold back the created flap and remove few tissues present in the cornea by using Excimer laser system. Once the corneal tissues are removed from the area, surgeon places the flap in its own place.


Preliminary Process to Follow for the Treatment


If you are the one, who is considering for LASIK treatment, you should go for the first step by choosing a good LASIK surgeon and clinic in your area. If you are located in Manhattan City and looking for the laser eye surgery, you should visit the Manhattan Center to undergo the surgical process under good eye surgeons of the clinic.


Once you schedule your appointment with Dr. Niksarli and his assistants, they will examine in detail about your eyes to determine the vision correction you require, condition of your eyes and the level of laser ablation or corneal tissue removal needed. Moreover, before beginning of the process, doctors take relevant information about other health conditions and medical background of patients, which would likely disqualify this type of surgical process.


Steps Involved in the Surgical Procedure


Before the beginning of the surgical process, doctors apply numbing eye drops to the human eye for prevention of any type of discomfort during the actual process. In addition, doctors will give few medication courses to help the patient in getting comfort and relax.

Now, the surgeon starts the surgery by positioning the eye of his or her patient under the laser system, while use other equipment named as lid speculum to keep the eyelids in open condition.


In addition, optical surgeons use ink markers to mark the eye cornea before creating any flap, while apply suction rings at front portion of the eye to prevent any sort of eye movements or loss of contact affecting the quality of flap. Now, in order to achieve specific prescription, doctors adjust the excimer laser post the creation of corneal flaps. Doctors may ask you to look over the targeted light for short duration and meanwhile they will watch your eyes with the help of microscopic devices, as laser sends light pulses in to the eye cornea. Thus, pulses of laser light painlessly remove the corneal tissue and reshape it to resolve your vision problems.


Less Time-Consuming Surgery for Patients


Since, laser eye surgery is a type of outpatient process, so you never required staying at the hospital or eye clinic over the night. Here, the surgeon will use a computer system for proper adjustment of the laser system for your specific prescription. In fact, by simply sending light pulses with the help of laser device, doctors can reshape the cornea to overcome your far-sight and near-sight problems. Thus, in this way, you will be able to recover your vision in less than 10 minutes.


Alternatives/Variants to LASIK Procedure


If you are not the candidate of the LASIK eye surgery, eye specialists and surgeons of the Manhattan Center will recommend their patients to choose for some other alternative surgical methods or variants, which will include the LASEK method, CK or CUSTOM LASIK and INTRA LASIK or no-blade LASIK technique. Each of these aforementioned variants involves slightly different laser surgery process and in turn, gives different benefits, as prescribed here.


LASEK Method to Diagnose Eye Problems


LASEK is one of the variants of LASIK. In this method, doctors separate thinnest possible tissue layer from the corneal surface of human eye, while re-position it by following the reshaping of cornea by the help of laser system. Here, the tissue layer is equal to 50-micron. Optical experts or eye surgeons prefer for the LASEK in cases, where the cornea does not possess adequate thickness to undergo the basic LASIK surgery. However, duration of the recovery may prolong by minimum 3 days to maximum 7 days depending upon the condition of the patient.


Custom LASIK Surgery


Custom LASIK surgery has obtained approval in between eye doctors for the proper treatment of presbyopia or reading glasses with the help of blended vision and mono vision. This surgical method uses radio waves for reshaping of the cornea. Similar to any other forms of laser surgery, this method eliminates cutting process or any type of discomfort during the entire surgery. However, patients may witness some level of irritation for 1 or 2 days. This process is responsible for providing a unique level of correction for every person.


This method uses VISX Wavescan or Star S4 laser and other efficient laser system to capture human eye’s fingerprint, which is of about 25 times highly precise as compared to various other types of measurements done by following traditional methods. Here, the Wavefront technique evaluates much more than the problems of astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. In other words, CK method can capture several forms of specific imperfections caused in vision of various people.




INTRALASIK or no-blade surgical process refers to the fully computerized as well as all-laser technique with advanced INTRALASIK software. This complete system helps the doctor or surgeon to create perfect corneal flap without applying any surgical blade. Interesting thing about this method is that the computer system aligns the pulses of laser inside the plane, where the LASIK flap consists of comfort and utmost precision. Thus, patient’s anxiety towards the surgery will reduce, as it eliminates all sorts of possibilities related to surgery blades. Thus, INTRALASIK method provided an unparalleled level of accuracy and safety during the whole LASIK surgery or treatment.




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