Dr. Kevin Niksarli, MD – Can I Afford LASIK Surgery?

The cost of  LASIK is differs depending on certain factors such as location, surgeon experience, etc. says Dr. Kevin Niksarli. If you require getting it done on your both eyes then the cost will be twice.

This is the standard in the industry.Most refractive surgeries are carried out as per the steps given below:
•    Pre-op checking and evaluation, which includes a comprehensive eye exam
•    Surgery
•    Standard treatment
•    Follow up recommendations
•    Additional surgery “enhancement” if the results are not as per your expectations from first surgery.

Price of surgery depends on: It is a known fact that the cost of surgery will vary from provider to provider, but the additional things if included in surgery will also enhance its cost. The cost of your surgery will be quoted by considering following points:
•    What factors are included and excluded in your surgery cost?
•    The cost quotation by including all necessary medicines and pre-op checking followed by visits of doctor.

Cost of LASIK surgery and other refractive surgeries: Different LASIK providers will quote you distinctly depending on their criteria and technique of treatment. For performing a conventional LASIK surgery (use of blade) most of the providers charge in the range of $1000-$2000. The average can be around $1700.
Average cost for PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), LASEK and Epi-LASIK are similar as LASIK.

Higher cost with new technologies: Several providers quotes extra for LASIK surgery as they employ some modern techniques such as Bladeless LASIK ”Intralase” or Custom LASIK “wavefront” diagnosis. Among the majority of the providers the average price for conventional Intralase LASIK ranges from $2000-3000.

Almost 40% of providers quote one price for LASIK surgery, instead of charging on the basis of the technique employed. The majority of these providers quote prices in the range $1500-2500 and the average quote can be around $2100.

Do not be trust wholly on the advertised bargains: You might find that the advertisements showing bargains like LASIK surgery in $499, but don’t trust completely on that. These types of bargains always involve some extra hidden prices which they add late on, very few people qualify for the stated price.

Make sure that you are not paying extra fees, non-refundable deposits and avoiding the restrictions. Ask too many questions to the provider and if everything sounds too good then only move for further process. Go for provider based on the expertise of the surgeon and the technology he is using, not only on price. Don’t take chances by cutting corners of your eyesight, especially when you can avail a number of cost effective financing options.

Financing and insuring: The process of eye correction is considered as cosmetic and hence many insurers do not cover it. If your doctor suggests you for surgery, some insurance companies can offer a few part of coverage, generally as an indemnity plan.

You can avail the financing plans directly from the surgeons, and also with the help of healthcare financing companies. For more info on LASIK surgery schedule an appt with Dr. Kevin Niksarli.

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